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Robin Lopez Responds To Rumors of Dating Khloe Kardashian

From Eva Longoria’s much talked about relationship with San Antonio Spurs’ guard Tony Parker to Hope Dworaczyk, who dated Mavs guard Jason Kidd in 2009, the connection between NBA stars and Hollywood celebs has garnered a lot of attention. According to latest media reports, there are rumors of Robin Lopez dating Khloe Kardashian.

Robin Lopez Dating Khloe Kardashian


The alleged relationship between Portland Trail Blazers’ center Robin Lopez and American heart throb Khloe Kardashian has finally received some clarity. The NBA star is the latest athlete to be rumored to date a Kardashian sister. Khloe Kardashian has earlier been linked to stars like Lamar Odom, whom she married and NBA player Rashad McCants.

Post Khloe’s breakup with rapper French Montana, there were reports that she’s been dating Lopez. Finally, Lopez decided to make things clear and chose the Trail Blazers’ site as a medium. He alleged that these were rumors fabricated by the media and are absolutely false. Lopez stated that the media spread rumors about their relationship owing to their popularity and influence on the youth.

Speaking about being sidelined for the next six weeks, Robin Lopez said, “I’ve got a lot more free time for magazine shoots, guest hosting duties on TV shows and stuff. They can contact my agent if they want to. I’m also the associate video guy. That’s one of my new duties. Got a wealth of opportunities even though I’ve only got one hand right now.”

Khloe Kardashian has been spotted at several Detroit Pistons’ games but there are no photos of her at any Blazers’ game this season. While he wouldn’t be able to play for the next 45 days or so, he’ll certainly entertain his fans.

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Is Harry Styles Dating Nadine Leopold?

Yes! The rumors of Harry Styles dating Nadine Leopold are true. One Direction Singer and heart throb Harry Styles seems to find love in the winter months. And, he is not likely to divert from this relationship pattern. The singer was recently spotted with Victoria’s secret model Nadine Leopold in the New York City for the second day in a row.

harry styles dating nadine leopold


One Direction Singer and the Austrian model, who has been a part of Victoria’s secret in the past, were seen spending some quality time with each other at Starbucks before being pictured by some fans.

This lovely pair was spotted for the first time in November when they were seen getting into a waiting car as they left The Nice Guy in Hollywood.

Harry has been dating some really pretty ladies in the past too. His past dates include pop star Taylor Swift, reality star Kendall Jenner and top model Cara Delevingne. His relationship with Taylor Swift for a brief period in 2012 gained a lot of attention. It is also being said that the pair’s relationship issues were the inspiration behind great hits on her new album Style.

Harry has been linked to some older women during the initial days of his career. He got the ladies’ man reputation, courtesy of his relationship with British TV presenter Caroline Flank. The two are believed to have met on The Xtra Factor when she was 32 and he was just 17.

While neither Harry Styles nor Nadine Leopold have confirmed their relationship status yet, it isn’t very difficult to see the buzzing chemistry between the two during their outings.

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How To Flirt With A Girl Online?

It is absolutely fine to flirt with a girl online, especially if you are on one of the best online dating advice site. There is no doubt about the fact that flirting is an art and belongs to the “art of seduction”. Flirting is an essential part of the human instinct as it shows the playful side of our personality. If you have just got onto an online dating site, this article can help you learn more about the tips and tricks of flirting with a girl online.

Flirt with a girl online


In order to master the art of flirting, you must believe that you’re already good at it. Practice your flirting skills by finding the best online dating site that meets your needs. Flirting involves body language, great observation and above all, eye contact, but how would you execute that online? This is quite challenging, since the only tool you have are written words.

While you can certainly hear her voice and check her facial expressions on the webcam chat, your first step is to send her a message. You might want to try these tips on how to attract girls through your words.

Words Matter
Since men are considered hunters, you are expected to make the first move. You don’t want to ruin that first chance, so make sure your initiative doesn’t go waste. It is advised that you make your presence known by igniting the sparks through words of appreciation. Say something that would flatter her. Write it in a way so that she does not misinterpret it and always remember to add emoticons. A simple message with a little bit of sweetness will do the job for you.

Making Her Miss You
If you’re looking to flirt with a girl, it is essential that you make her miss you. Creating a gap is very important. You can do this by refraining from replying to her messages very frequently. Be unpredictable but do not keep her waiting for too long for she might feel that you’re not interested in her. Maintain certain distance but just enough for ideas of flirting to strike.

Get To Know Her Better
You want her to be your soul mate but do you know her well? If you want to flirt with a girl, it is essential that you know her well. Dance to her music and be a good listener (reader in this case). In this way you will find more opportunities to flirt with a girl. You would soon get to know about her likes and dislikes, depending on which you could certain ace your first date. Alternatively, you could also send a few links on the topics she likes discussing about.

Use Humor
While humor is a strong tool, overdoing it might give an impression that you’re mocking at her. It is nice to have a “serious talk” once in a while. Nevertheless, humor can break the ice and if you’re successful in making her laugh, take that as a positive response. Throwing a joke at her will make your chemistry with her better. Humor is all about timing. Also, make sure that she is in the right mood to take a joke. In fact, it is also said that humor is a great tool to flirt with a girl.

Effective use of the aforementioned tips to flirt with a girl online will ensure you make an ever lasting impression. If you have anything to say, please share your views in the comments section.

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend is pretty tough, isn’t it? Moreover, if you’re looking to impress a girl whom you had met online on your first date, the importance of a good gift increases manifold.

We’ve shortlisted a few awesome Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend that will make her day truly special. If you’re stressed about purchasing the right gift for your love, our guide could help you choose something to suit her unique tastes. And yes, all these gifts would be in your budget too.

Burberry Women’s Miniature Gift Set
Burberry Christmas gift

Women just love perfumes. In fact, it is also said that when you’re in doubt, a perfume can prove to be the best bet. Every woman likes to feel sexy and smell good. Containing multiple fragrances, she would love to experiment with different perfumes to suit her mood. It also comes with a tester of Brit Sheer.
Available on Amazon
Price: $50

Diaura Sterling Silver Diamond-Accented Square Stud Earrings
Earrings Christmas Gift

If you’re looking for a stunning piece of jewelry for your girlfriend that is well in your budget, this would suffice. The manufacturers of this earrings also certify that, to the best of their knowledge, no conflict diamonds were used in making these beautiful yet super – affordable earrings.
Available on Amazon
Price: $99 onward

Lodis Audrey Wilhelmina Work Satchel
Lodis Bag Christmas Gift

No woman would ever hesitate to take a new bag even if shes has dozens of them already. Available in red, black and toffee, this bag can comfortable fit laptops in addition to the regular stuff. Created by a Spanish designer, this bag has a padded laptop compartment and a detachable strap, in addition to a few little pockets.
Available on Amazon
Price: $189 onward

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Molecular Gastronomy ‘Made Easy’ Starter Kit

Molecular Gastronomy Christmas GiftIs your girlfriend always caught up watching Masterchef? Does she like experimenting in the kitchen? If yes, then this is certainly the perfect gift you could give her this Christmas. The kit includes a 250 page guide book along with ingredients like agar agar, calcium chloride and sodium alginate, among others. These interesting elements make this kit bag the fourth spot on our list.

This kit also includes several equipment such as a strainer, syringe and weighing dishes.
Available on Amazon
Price: $47.99 onward

10K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Christmas Gift

If you’re planning to ask your girlfriend to become your fiancee this Christmas, then this would certainly be the best gift of her life. This stunning ring can be yours for under $600. The pave setting of this ring is pretty elegant and will match the taste of any bride. Despite its low price, this ring screams of unmatched quality and exclusivity.
Available on Amazon
Price: $556 onward

So, this is our list of the best presents that you could give your girlfriend this Christmas. If you have any other suggestions, kindly share in the comments section.

First Date Tips and Tricks

So, you’ve met a lot of people on an online dating site of your choice and shortlisted one person, whom you think is the one for you. Now, it’s time to take things ahead and into the real world. If you are looking for a few first date tips and tricks than can help you excel on your maiden encounter, then this article is definitely for you.

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Impressing a person right on your first date isn’t child’s play. Filled with awkward pauses and off-topic conversations, first dates are pretty tricky to handle. However, that does not mean that you cannot make a lasting impression.

First Date Tips


Here are a few first date tips and tricks that according to experts would certainly help you ace your first date:

Do adequate homework: Meeting your potential partner for the first time imparts a sense of mystery. Make sure that you are prepared for every possible scenario. Recollect your previous conversations – has she mentioned about her favorite food or did she every tell you a place that she’d love to visit?
Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to make a restaurant reservation. Collect all the relevant information about the place and share it with her. Never try to give her a surprise by persuading her to try something that she dislikes and has told about it to you earlier.

Old school moves can help you earn brownie points: Open the door, pull out a chair, let her order first – these conventional ways are not dead in the 21st Century. However, it is essential that you pay heed to her experience too. For instance, it is essential that you ask her before ordering another round of drinks. Also ask her if she’d like to have something else. These first date tips are will certainly help you make a positive impression.

First impression is certainly the last impression: While focusing on her is extremely important, you shouldn’t forget that she has laid her eyes on you. Wear something that is appropriate to the location. So, be your best self – be nice to the staff, tip well and follow table manners. Making friends with the server is another way by which you could turn a good meal into a fantastic one.

Don’t opt for something too fancy: Do not choose a restaurant that is over pricey, thinking you will impress her. Fancy places attract more uncomfortable moments than others. You date might feel under-dressed or could fear ordering something very expensive. In addition, it might set a very formal tone to your date, which should be an opportunity to know each other better. It is better to keep things simple and not complicate them.

Take the lead: It goes without saying that your potential partner expects you to be in-charge. It makes absolutely no sense to waste time in determining who should take charge of the first date. If she is fidgeting, she wants you to understand that you need to take responsibility. In this situation, ask for the check, pay it and move on. On the other hand, if you feel that she isn’t sure of what to order, offer to order a couple of things. Don’t worry if you made the wrong call, for she’ll be happy that you took an initiative.

Asking her out on another date: The outcome of your first dinner date is revealed when you ask your girl out on a second date. If she is really impressed with you, she’d agree to it else you’d have to start with tip #1 with another girl. This is one of the most crucial first date tips that you need to practice, if you are looking to take things ahead.

Finding a compatible partner and dating him/her is certainly not a cake walk. However, following these first date tips will ensure you face no awkward situation.

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