How is Cyber Warfare Becoming More Important?

Cyber Warfare

There was a time when humans used to fight with spears, swords, and arrows, but now they fight with knowledge, science, and developed technology. The internet can provide you with all the information and power you can ask for. WOW Internet Packages is one of the widely used internet connections in the United States.

The technology proves to make humans’ lives easier also proves dangerous when fallen in the hands of the wrong individuals. It is used as a weapon when into the hands of the armies. Majority of the troops worldwide design their weapons technologically advanced to use them to get past the safety zones of other countries.

When the use of the technology goes wrong, issues are born as a result. Cyber warfare is one of the top issues of the world.

What is Cyber-War?


The world has shrunken down to a global village where living beings connected via computers and the internet. The same computer network when used to hurt the safety of a country, cyber warfare begins. Majority of the countries have formed their separate cyber army departments that act as offensive and defensive.

These departments contain some highly professional IT individuals and some ethical hackers as well. Countries do this for their safety, as the whole world’s connection like a village puts the secrets of the countries at more disposals.

History of Cyber-War


Cyber warfare history goes back to 2006 when a Russian mafia group started to use the internet to copy someone’s identity. In the year 2007, the same group confirmed having more than a million computers under their control worldwide. In the same year, Israel was found using Syria’s air systems to drop aeroplanes at the land of Arabs.

In 2008, the government computers and offices became a part of the victim group of cyber-attacks. NASA, International Space Station, Pentagon computers, and the Republic of Georgia were affected by the attacks. The coming years witnessed more attacks on smaller and larger scales.

Since then the cyber-attacks have not stopped but kept growing beyond boundaries. Looking at the growing number of cyber-crimes, the government of all the countries worldwide decided to make laws and forces against the threat. Some underdeveloped countries are still at stake and trying to gather their nations’ sharp minds to build a cyber-force of their own.

Why is it Important?

Cyber warfare is gaining a lot of attention on the internet and in the news these days. Many individuals are giving their point of views about it on different social media platforms. Cyber-crimes do not only threat the government, but it also puts the large organizations and banks at stake.

In the last few years, Tesco Bank of the United States lost $2.9 million to the cyber-attacks hands. You can find the information about other cyber-attacks that have happened in the past with the internet’s help.

The world is shrinking more day-by-day and becoming more digitized with the new technology invention every other month. This puts all the individuals and businesses who use the internet at the risk of getting attacked by cyber criminals.

Companies must take specific steps to save themselves from being a victim of cyber-crimes. You can find many tips on the internet as well. To enjoy safe and consistent Spectrum internet services, make sure you reside in the WOW Service Area.

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