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living with HIV

Most people suffering from HIV find it difficult to soul mates, mingle with their friends, as well as participate in social gatherings, but this should not be the case. Living with HIV is not that difficult as it all lies in an individual’s perspective. The way you will take the situation will determine how much you will go about your life when still suffering from the disease. Here are ways that can help you handle the situation and continue with your normal life.

HIV dating life

When suffering from Herpes, you might encounter some challenges in your dating life, but they are highly manageable.

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Breaking the news to your partner

this is the crucial thing that you should consider most Many people might take such news, and others might not take it right, but the best idea is to break the news and give your partner time to digest the news.

Choosing the right time

Ensure you choose an appropriate time to break the news. The best time is when both of you are in a good mood, relaxed with no distractions.


Maintaining confidence is paramount when sharing such news with your partner. You should remain calm as being nervous and fretting might affect your partner negatively.

Be flexible

expect anything from your partner after you break the news. The final decision on support lies with your partner. This is a requirement for a person living with herpes.

Give it time

Time heals almost everything. It might be difficult at first for your partner to bear with things, but giving it time will bring a positive change.

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HIV singles should not worry much about where to get soul mates as they can visit HIV dating sites and make new friends and find their love. Signing up for these sites is free, and offers an option of using chat or email to communicate with the rest.