Review of Sugar daddy dating Site

Sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship in which highly successful and rich men get companionship of beautiful and young females and in return shower them with money, gifts, foreign vacations and a host of other high class material comforts. Sugar relationship is a suitable way for girls to live in comfort and solve their financial problems in return for providing companionship to rich men. is one of the most popular Sugar daddy dating sites with over 10 million active members. The reach of the website extends to more than 139 countries all over the world. 
sugar daddy dating

The wonderful features of


The user simply needs to create an account by entering their email address, birth date and other personal information. Creating your account is the first step to get access to millions of other members on the site. The website offers free registration.

Sugar daddy dating

Creating your profile

The next step is to upload your photograph and write about your specific terms of relationship and your expectations from the relationship. The user is  free to state his/her expectations without any smokescreen. It is important to specify the terms of relationship as clearly as possible so that there is no conflict in the future. The terms of arrangement written on your profile also ensures that only those members who are comfortable with your terms will contact you.

Finding a match

The presence of millions of members on means that a user gets a suitable match as per his/her terms of arrangement within 5 days. In fact, as per the claims of the website, there are four sugar babies for each sugar daddy on an average. Thus, the chances of both sugar daddies and sugar babies to find suitable partners for each other is very high.

Features offers a wide range of beneficial features for its members. The members can securely share private photos with each other. The members can also interact with each other using the real time messaging feature of the website. The users can also mark other members as favorite members. Seeking Arrangement also organizes exclusive parties for its members.

The website also has many articles relating to a host of topics related to sugar dating such as sugar dating tips, ways to get more matches, facts about sugar daddies and sugar babies, etc. These articles help newbies to get a good understanding of sugar relationships.


There are a host of benefits offered by First and foremost benefit is that you get to meet reliable people to get into sugar daddy dating relationships. All the members are background verified so there is no chance of frauds swindling people through the website. For sugar daddies, there is no dearth of attractive sugar babies to provide companionship. For sugar babies, the website offers access to gentlemen wanting to get into serious sugar relationship for companionship and not into dirty games. The well established and rich sugar daddies cater to all the needs the sugar babies.

There is absolutely no question of long term commitment in the sugar relationships established through the website. The arrangements are honest with no undue expectations except those specifically mentioned in the profiles of both the partners.

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