5 Interesting Facts- History Behind Birthday Everyone Should Know!

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In a world of over 5000 million people, there are, on average, 14 million birthdays each day. Birthdays are the absolute best time in everyone’s life, But have you ever wondered how the celebrations came about? Why do we celebrate birthday cake? What prompted birthday celebrations? This article will tell you about the five facts- the history behind birthdays.

Please read the complete article because it will BLOW your mind and make you rethink everything you know about birthdays. So here you go!

The Rich & Wealth Could Afford To Throw Birthday Parties

In the past, Only the wealthy could afford birthday parties and buy chocolate cakes for birthdays. That implied that no one besides the nobles wrote about it; as they couldn’t afford to throw these parties, they didn’t exactly have the experience to write about them. It is possible that many birthday celebrations were held, But there was no one to document these celebrations. It is believed that because only the rich could afford to throw birthday Parties, it was the idea behind the custom of wearing birthday crowns. And although today, birthdays are not only reserved for the rich, They are generally seen as a time when people can be extravagant Without being scorned.


Did you KNOW that someone once spent over 26 MILLION DOLLARS on a birthday party? This is indeed a fact! Sixteen million dollars out of the amount was spent on getting Michael Jackson to Perform on their birthday. Talk about extravagance! If you think that’s crazy, Make sure you read this article to the end, as the last fact is even crazier!

How the “Happy Birthday” Song Was Born

The Tune Happy Birthday Song Is A Cover Two teachers who happened to be sisters wrote a song titled “Good Morning to all” in 1893 in Kentucky. The song was published in a book for other school teachers. The song was intended to be sung by students before the start of classes every day. As the song got popular, variations of it came up, And that was how the “Happy Birthday” song was born. “Robert Coleman” published a songbook in 1924. and featured the song with a few different lyrics that eventually overshadowed the original lyrics. These new lyrics became what we all know as the happy birthday song today.

Birthday Invitations On A Slab

The First Birthday Invitations Didn’t Come On Paper The Romans are known for being extra in their way of doing things, And with birthday invitations, they didn’t disappoint. Paper wasn’t available for use in the 1st century AD, so a Roman commander’s wife would usually send out birthday invitations on a slab. The slabs were cut very thinly and were famous for use as writing materials by Roman soldiers or their wives, close friends, and relatives. So, if you find yourself out of paper and need to send out those Invitations ASAP, try doing it the Roman way, With a slab. That’ll be a statement.

Birthday Party Styles

Germans Re-invented The Birthday Cake As We Know It Today Even though birthdays were being celebrated all over the world already, Cakes weren’t a massive part of the celebrations. Many options were not available in ancient times, from chocolate cake to strawberry cakes, truffles to loaded fruit cakes, and theme cakes to designer cakes. In the late 18th century, “Kinderfest” originated in Germany. “Kinderfest” was a German birthday party that reflects today’s birthday party styles. The party was held for German kids, And its main feature was a birthday cake adorned with lit candles. Before the children blew out these candles, they had to make a wish. These traditions have come to stay with the kind of birthday cake we now have. But most people don’t know where it originated from.

How Calendars Were Born

Egyptian Pharaohs Celebrated Their Birthdays, But Not On Their Birthday. That sounds weird. Egyptian Pharaohs celebrated their birthdays, But never on the day they were born. The first record of a birthday celebration was actually by “Egyptian Pharaohs,” But their birthdays were celebrated on their coronation day. This was because they believed that Egyptian kings became Gods once they were crowned, And thus they were reborn. So, They celebrated their birthdays on the day of their rebirth rather than on the Dates they were born.

Egyptian Pharaohs hold the record for the earliest Recorded birthday celebration, With scholars pointing to around 3000 BC for the First-ever recorded birthday celebration. And just one more Bonus Fact Because We Love You! Birthday celebrations didn’t begin until calendars were created. Before calendars, People didn’t have a way of keeping track of time other than by using the moon, Stars, and the sun or important events. This made it difficult to pay attention to birth anniversaries.

People Started taking note of moon cycles and ageing and discovered the necessity For marking milestones in their ages. Once they noticed a repetition of patterns, They began marking the changes in time. This was how calendars were born and helped mark time changes and Other special days. With this, they could track birthdays and other significant events of the year.

So there you have it! The Top 5 Facts On The History Behind Birthdays. Which of these did you find the most surprising? Do tell us through comments! We believe that you will like this article and get to know more about birthdays and their facts.

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