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Online dating and matchmaking are growing in an unprecedented way than ever before. It has peaked during the Covid 19 pandemic current times and started to increase steadily over time. Dating between two people has become almost a social imperative, and it helps establish friendship and companionship for people searching for common objectives and interests.

There is nowadays a plethora of websites that cater to these mutual needs between two people. Yet only a few stand out as among the best. And among these, the ones mentioned below are outstanding Dating Affiliate Programs in their unique appeal and services in a niche area of human relationships.

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Below are outstanding Dating Affiliate Programs 

The positiveSingles site stood out as one of the largest dating communities and is meant for STDs or those affected by Sexually Transmitted Diseases as read in full form. The community members face stigma and are not welcome by most other people based on their medical condition. Therefore, this site specializes in bringing together these people on a single platform where they can interact, build short or long-term relationships, and freely discuss topics that interest both of them.


Positive Singles again asks members to fill in a list of 15 questions included in their profile and their answers such that prospective companions may find common ground to make friends with you. The site also verifies these profiles and recommends and suggests compatible matches or reverse matches.

Online Dating Sites

You have options to remain passive or active and hide your STD or profile based on certain conditions. You may also take your path to find others. You have both the desktop and mobile versions of the PositiveSingles site and therefore continuously active from new and old members worldwide.
The site has exciting features and gives excellent support, and the location and app are free to use for general messaging and chatting.

However, for more parts, you need to upgrade your membership to a paid one. The registration process needs to be filled up correctly, and this would include not just your sexual orientation but also the type of medical condition you have.

Again, you would be asked to create a username and password and enter your email address, ethnicity, personal information, and photo. Your photo is optional although it is the best way to get into a relationship on this site. Once done, you may add to your profiles other information, including astrological sign, music genres, lifestyles, and other matters that you love to possess.

As has been stated, the Positive Singles site is full of traffic and very active, and therefore, you may quickly start making money on the side through their affiliate program. You will find $40 per order, $2 per lead, and up to 10% for all sub-partners commissions. Several affiliate marketers, while promoting the site, make a lot of money. You, too, can do the same. You may note that the more you get, the more you earn, including the sub-partners commission which is almost automatic. :

MPWH is the most trusted brand among the herpes community and has many followers to establish mutual rapport and friendship on a common scenario. MPWH means ‘Meet People with Herpes’ and those having HSV -1 and HSV – 2. These dating people want relationships where they can share their mutual grievances, passion, and tastes. They all live with genital or oral herpes and require some tact and empathy to garner support and make it their very supporting herpes platform.

MPWH platform offers excellent support, and it is easy for people to come together on matters of herpes. Note that the site is professional, and members get enrolled after scrutiny. Hence, if a person is not a real herpes person, the site instantly deletes his or her account.

mpwh-affiliate-programHerpes, as you perhaps know, is an infection and is caused by a virus and is very contagious. It also means that those with herpes are given a wide berth by non-herpes, meaning that you may not touch them or maintain relationships.

As is seen, kissing and touching remain the leading cause of transmission of HSV 1 or herpes, while sexual contact is the main reason for contracting HSV 2. For such reasons, these people get avoided by other people, leading a lonely and subdued life.

Dating Affiliate Programs

At the MPWH site, people can look out for support, love, affection, and relationship and vent out their thoughts without fear of ridicule or anxiety.

Therefore, the site’s objective is to uncover more people hidden under social pressure to form friendships and discuss and be involved in relationships without fear.

Hence, MPWH has also become one of the most critical sites for affiliates so that individual people promoting this idea would be able to earn money. Currently, MPWH has one of the top conversion rates, and it has in place a guaranteed payout method that ensures you have your commission within the stipulated time. To become an affiliate, you needn’t have any technical qualifications but make your work more effective.

You naturally need to contact people in your area that are herpes singles and help them date and live in the right relationships due to their common infection. You may get into an agreement with them on their official site and agree to their terms and conditions.

BiCupid is a dating site that has been around for decades and caters to segments for bi-sexual and inquisitive sexual people. The idea of bi-sexual relationships goes into the history and also exists among some animals. You may find the above site for the bisexual community as the largest in the world. You may explore the site member’s sexuality, orientation, chat, hookups, and without the least fear of social stigma or compromise on privacy.

You will find BiCupid membership is relatively free, and this is called their Standard Membership. The other type of membership is the Gold Membership, and you get it through three purchasing options that you may get while applying for the same. Upgrading to a Gold membership is very important because only you get the maximum benefits out of BiCupid membership.

Signup for the Bicupid Affiliate Program

By uploading your profile, you get to contact other members of both Standard Membership and Gold Membership, although the latter has some restrictions for the former. The best part of this site is that users can get creative and even eligible for free Gold Membership. You may do so by reporting positive reviews, promoting the site on social media, press releases, and even writing scams, pornography, or other offensive messages.

dating affiliate programs

Gold members have greater access to the site’s parameters. They can request private album access, highlight their profiles to get better results, view videos, access advanced privacy settings, and get confidential customer service.

One of the BiCupid Dating Affiliate Programs’ strong points is that it has a continuous and active community that engages in the most used features. It means it is an excellent area for affiliates to earn a good deal of money. It has an even broader reach than what you may believe it to be and is also home to member blogs that always carry topics of interest and mutual experiences.

It means that you earn perfect money acting as an affiliate, and the more traffic you send to their site, the more your rating would be. You receive up to $40 on initial orders, and the cost per lead program would be $2 from developed countries. Then there is the two-tier program that pays up to 10% for all your sub-partner’s commissions. It means the more partners you bring to the site, the more money you will earn.
Above all, there are no hassles to payment procedures here.

MillionairesMatch, as the name suggests, is a dating site for millionaires that usually seek other millionaires or singles that have an interest in them. It is not a sugar daddy relationship. Therefore, it is better known for its polish and elegance. It has served as an excellent platform for wealthy, successful people to meet young people and get the utmost satisfaction from that relationship.

Millionairematch’s site over the years has had good reviews posted for their website app, and there are numerous stories about successful relationships that have stood the test of time. Most relationships are between the ages of 35 and 55 years. Surprisingly, more males post about their luxuries, while young women generally seek a relationship with a successful and rich millionaire.


All profiles posted undergo a strict process of checking and verification. Therefore any wrong posting or someone imposing as a millionaire is sure to have their account removed from the site. Member’s performances are both free and premium. Further, it would help if you wrote down paragraphs about the person you wish to create a friendship with and your preferences while also needing to furnish your personal information.

It may look slightly elaborate as you may also need to enter your ethnicity, country, lifestyle, hobbies, and other personal details. Validation of membership may take more than 24 hours, and their staff scrutinizes everything. Yet, the site stands out as one of the most authentic dating sites online.

You may need to give your height, weight, and other features for recording on the site. After all, it is not a small matter when dating successful people who have huge contacts. Their premium options start at $35 per month, or you may sign in for a lifetime free membership.

dating affiliate programs

To make money, you need to get as many new orders to the site as possible. It would be $86 for each new order, $2 for each lead, and up to a 10% cut on sub-partners’ commission. Again, on each sale of their VIP Concierge Service, you get about $2000. So, you are sure to gain and make money if you tried a bit and who wouldn’t like to make money on the side?

The whole site is well-conceived and has plenty of options that give users the right type of relationship. As stated earlier, this is not for those that want a sugar daddy relationship or flings. Still, the site is for those that may also be looking for relationships without physical contact.

Sugar daddy dating is a form in which an older wealthy man gets the companionship of a young girl in return for financial allowances and gifts. Young girls often opt for sugar bonds to pay for their college fees or maintain a high standard of living.

Online sugar dating has become popular because a good sugar daddy dating site helps potential sugar babies and daddies to connect discreetly. Verified profiles are present on such a website to ensure that there are no frauds. Millions of users have already registered on sugar daddy dating sites.

dating affiliate programs

Genuine users

Certified sugar daddies are registered with good sugar daddy dating sites. The correct net worth and other details of sugar daddies are given to benefit the sugar babies. Sugar babies are also verified to prevent cheating.



The online chatting facility lets sugar daddies and babies know each other before meeting in person. Interest is shown in the form of messages or winks. A private photo album facility is also provided to enable the users to upload their photos.


Articles and blogs regarding various tips for sugar dating are also present. This content helps users who are new to sugar dating and are confused about what to expect.

Mobile friendly

The sugar daddy dating sites are optimized for mobile phones. Thus, users can access the websites whenever desired, even when on the move.

Affiliate Program

Dating Affiliate Programs of sugar daddy dating sites enable website owners to earn money in commissions. Promoting one or more sugar daddy dating sites on your website in the form of banners or links fetches money for you. You need to sign up to join the affiliate program and start earning money.

Partnering with a trusted dating site is a guarantee of timely payouts. The amount you make depends upon the traffic you can direct to the site. More traffic means more money. You get paid extra when your visitors take premium membership. Payment is also made on a per-lead basis. The affiliate partners can decide on promotional methods in keeping with the standard guidelines of sugar dating.

However, email marketing is not allowed. Payments are made at the beginning of each month, provided the fee earned is over 100$. The payment mode is PayPal.

The Interracial Match website serves as a niche area where members search for singles from different races and cultural backgrounds other than their own. On this dating site, you will meet Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, and so on.

It is a strictly interracial dating site, and most of the people range in age anywhere between 30 to 50 years. Of course, you may even find younger and older people than the period stated, yet these are quite exceptional. It is currently the largest and most visible interracial dating site in the world.


Again, you may try it out for free, and members get quickly registered on the site. You only need to upload your latest photo and other credentials, which then are verified. Your account will get deleted if you have posted the wrong information and the software is pretty good at spotting errors.

It is the most sought-after interracial site because there are no hassles and it is pretty great at navigating. Couples wanting to go with strong relationships know pretty well enough about what they would like to see in their partners, including personality, age, occupation, education, hobbies, and other social inclinations.

The site offers a niche area with an enormous following and equally huge potential for expansion. The site has attracted millions of people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds. Several have a successful married life and are living quite happily. As per the reviews of the site, it is generally seen to be quite positive.

dating affiliate programs

The only thing you need is to look for a suitable relationship and whether you share the same ideas, interests, and other matters in life. The site is compatible with most devices and is especially so to Android, and you may find many surprises in store for you as hundreds and thousands of relationships have done very well.

Of course, the site could have done even better with videos and video chatting, yet overall it is quite marvelous. Couples that never before imagined a life with another from an entirely different cultural and linguistic background are finding something new in their life.

Several of them have beaten a retreat from the path they had earlier trodden for the simple reason that matches may not be the same in their groups. They feel that there is enough scope for excitement and boundless joy in discovering or being part of other cultural groups. You are sure to make money by doing affiliate work on this site as it has endless possibilities and is not at all a narrow niche.

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