10 Creative Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day
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10 Creative Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day

With Valentines Day around the corner, you might surely be thinking about ways of doing something different for your partner. The experts at OnlineDatingAdvice.info suggest a few innovative yet inexpensive ways of adding the oomph factor this Valentines Day.

  • Attach a $100 bill to a Victoria’s Secret catalog, along with a naughty note saying “The choice is yours”.
  • Visit a Karaoke bar and sing his/her favorite romantic song. You don’t have to be a professional singer to sing a few lines.

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  • Make a giant greeting card or a collage with all your memories. Make sure you only include the positive ones. Including negative memories would certainly not go in your favor
  • Purchase a lottery ticket and give it to your partner with a little note saying “I hit the jackpot the day I met you”.
  • Make a customized ‘thank you’ certificate to show how much your partner means to you. Here are a few suggestions: ‘The world’s best girlfriend’, ‘For all the hugs and kissed that go beyond the call of duty’.
  • Call a local radio station and request a special romantic song to be dedicated to him/her. Make sure she is listening. You wouldn’t want to waste the effort, would you?
  • Pick a dozen red roses and give it to her along with a note describing how important your partner is to you.
Valentines Day Red Roses
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  • Gift him/her something that he/she always wanted but was unable to get. Regardless of whether the product was unavailable or was too expensive for his fancy, it is always a good idea to gift something special on Valentines Day
  • Write a romantic, heartfelt and passionate love letter and read it over dinner. You could also record it and set it as her alarm tone. She’d love the surprise.
  • For Ladies: If your partner stays in a different city or country, send him a letter sealed with a kiss. You could also enclose a love letter and sign with a kiss. (Use the darkest shade of red)

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