10 Ideas to Have a Perfect Date Night At-Home
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10 Ideas to Have a Perfect Date Night At-Home

Making special memories with your significant other does not always mean going out to have a fancy dinner or a date at the movies. You can have a fantastic perfect date in the comfort of home, and here we will give you some Perfect Date ideas so that you can spruce up the love and fun with your couple without going out.  

1. Create delicious dishes together. 

Even if you have never cooked anything or are a passionate cooker at home, you can try to enroll in a virtual cooking class with your couple. Trying new recipes, you can find online or even that ancient delicious recipe that has been in your family for years. There are no limits to your imagination so that you can cook a delicious meal or desserts and then enjoy them together with a glass of wine or your favorite drinks that you can also prepare with your very own home bar

2. Watch a movie under the stars. 

If you both like enjoying a classic movie or watching some new releases, why not having a movie date at home? But let us spruce it up; you can have it in your backyard, balcony, or terrace! If you have a projector and a screen, it’s a great way to give it some use. If you don’t have this, you can drag your tv outside and still have a great movie date under the stars. Add your very own and favourite snacks and bring some comfortable puffs or pillows so that you can spend an excellent and private movie perfect date night with your couple. 

3. Turn your living room into an indoor picnic. 

There’s no need to go to the park or outside so that you both can enjoy a picnic with your favourite treats. You can create your candlelight or day picnic in the living room. Use a nice and comfy quilt on the floor, fill it with pillows and everything that you need to stay comfortable on the floor for some time. Prepare your picnic basket inspired by what you both like the most, almonds, chips, cheeses, bread, jelly or whatever you like. To make the most out of the ambience, you can play a playlist with your favourite songs, open a bottle of wine or some beers so that you can enjoy the company and the view from your living room.

4. Come up with a bucket list together. 

Perfect Date

What a better way to get to know more your significant other than talking about your dreams. the experiences that you wish to make possible in the future together. Grab a notebook and some pens so that you can start writing or drawing about those places that you both want to get to know, and why not? Start saving money together so that you can make some of those dreams come true! 

5. Have a fun board game night.  

Couples who game together stay together. Even when you haven’t used a board game in a while, indeed, you have some fun ones in your closet, put them out and start having a great game night! Even if you don’t have fun ones, you can order many of them or even buy them in the supermarket. It would also be fun to research the best games for couples online and try some new ones! This is a great way to stimulate conversation, enjoy each other’s company, and have a fun game night. You can put together a lovely tray of snacks that won’t leave you with sticky or greasy fingers and keep the cocktails or mock tails flowing. 

6. Create your photo shoot at home. 

Are you a photogenic couple, or you are both shy of taking pictures together in public? This is the perfect way to get on some cool backgrounds. You can reflect on a white wall with a projector and take amazing pictures together or even just by adding some excellent blankets, using the stuff you have at home, let your imagination take control of. Your couple photoshoot! By simply using your phone’s timer or having a camera, you can manage to take charming pictures together. The memories you will make by posing and doing this fun date activity will be irreplaceable. 

7. Give each other massages. 

You can get great the perfect ambiance for a great spa-day or night at the very own comfort of your home. Add some candles, relaxing music, and your favorite scented lotions so that in any space of your home, you can just lay down and enjoy a relaxing massage by your beloved one. You can even search together for some massage techniques and learn about what each of you likes the most! 

8. Karaoke and Dancing the Night Away 

On these days that you can find everything online, play some videos with lyrics of your favourite songs, or you can even add them into a playlist so that you can sing along together or even make a competition between the both of you! When you are done with singing, you can play some dance videos and learn new techniques together. Will it be salsa, rock and roll, or blues night? Let your body go with the music and dance together while enjoying a great time! 

9. Take some personality tests together. 

Taking personality tests together is a positive and informative way to get to know your partner better than you ever imagined possible. These exercises will give you new insight into your best half and vice versa, covering everything from passion to your spirit animal and the iconic cartoon character you are.

10. Create your cocktails.

For a date night at home, get adventurous with the spirits and check out some new cocktails. Take inventory of what you have on hand and what you’ll need to pick up at the supermarket if you have a home counter. 

Check for new recipes that sound good, or brush up on classics like martinis, cosmopolitans, and old fashioned. Easy snacks like almonds, pretzels, and popcorn keep it casual, or with some more complex snacks like baked brie with apricot jelly, garlic- or jalapeno-stuffed olives, or old-fashioned fondue could give your perfect date night at home a more romantic feel.

Don’t feel like you need to leave the house to have a fantastic perfect date and time together, by just using some of these ideas, and you can make your perfect date at home with your couple and enjoy even more of each other’s company. From virtual cooking classes to dancing in the living room, at-home date night activities will create fond memories and bring you closer together.

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