5 Marriage tips for couples who want to stay together for life
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5 Marriage tips for couples who want to stay together for life

Marriage tips are always ignored until couples are forced to visit a counselor. Marriage is like a durable machine that works without oil or grease for most teams. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Like every other product, it needs care and regular maintenance. Like a sapling, a marital relationship, too, needs nurturing to grow and blossom. Like crops, it needs to be cultivated. 

However, in this world where time is scarce and patience and tolerance are words only found in dictionaries, a healthy marital relationship is an unreal possibility for most newlywed couples. Most of these desire-driven marriages sink without a trace in the sea of bitterness within a few years of setting sail. Therefore, nothing can be more timely-executed than this article, which tips young couples and helps them turn their marriages into sweet, cherishable, and long-lasting relationships. 

And to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, we have talked to many couples who have happily and successfully stayed together for 25 years or more. This article compiles their words of wisdom and emphasizes the basic principles of human social behavior like clear communication, honesty, gratitude, care, and compassion to create a strong bond between the husband and wife and build a long-lasting marital relationship. Their advice is summarised and included in the marriage tips mentioned below. Could you have a quick look at them? Try to book banquet halls in Gurgaon for the perfect wedding venues.

Five excellent Marriage tips from couples who’ve been together for more than 25 years

Accept your partner as he is

 the most extensive advice one could give to a newlywed couple is to accept each other the way they are. As a couple, you should understand that you and your partner are different people brought up with varying sanskaras in different environments. And changing someone’s sanskar is not easy; rather impossible in most cases. So, rather than trying to make your partner a cloned version of yourself, let them be the person they are. Yes, you can always discuss the differences and work on them collectively if some of your partner’s habits are harming them. However, opposing them or trying to change them ultimately may push your relationship to a dark zone of unending toxicity. Don’t forget that you loved him for being what he was before marriage. Just continue to do so and let him be at his best. Accept him for all his smartness or stupidity.

Crack Jokes often

Humour is a magic pill that dilutes even the thickest obstacles and lightens up the tensest moments. A good joke cracked with the right intention can lift someone’s mood or ease up complex situations. Most couples struggle in relationships because they lose their sense of humor quickly and steadily as they progress in their marriage. It is more like a social pressure on them that they must be severe and dignified with each other once they get married. And trust us, this approach ruins their marriage faster than anything else.

It dries up the relationship from within. A good joke, a hearty laugh, and occasional nonsense are as essential to a healthy marriage as physical intimacy between the couple. So, moisten up your wedding with juicy jokes and keep those tough shit out of your relationship to walk that extra mile together. (Additional tips: We would like to suggest you always find your perfect wedding date before marrying someone)

Know who you are and project the same

Another gem of advice for newlywed couples and soon-to-be-married young ones. Be it a marriage, affair, or partnership – knowing who you are is and always should be the starting point of any meaningful relationship. If you don’t know yourself and are unsure about what you want from the other person, you will never be able to choose and pick the right man or woman for marriage.

A charming young man with multiple hook-ups may seem attractive from a distance, but staying with him and expecting him to be loyal and faithful to you all his life would be a foolish idea if you are a person who loves stability and peace. Such a marriage would be painful not only for you but for him as well. So, don’t project what you fancy. Show others who you are. It would be easy to attract the right person into your life. And once that is done, build the structure of your relationship on each other’s strengths and work on the weaknesses. 

Be ready to do the hard work.

When we say focus on who you are and marry the person with the same goals or expectations from the marriage, we don’t mean that all those married couples with exactly opposite partners are headed for a relationship disaster. No. Relationships don’t work that way. You’d have to work hard on your relationship day in and out, no matter whether you two are compatible or opposite to each other.

Of course, the exact opposite nature of partners creates a lot of conflict over time. Being similar-natured makes things relatively easy, but don’t expect your marriage to be a cakewalk or a bed of roses in the long run if your tastes and preferences match. The idea is to be on the same boat together despite the occasional turbulence. And for that, you both would be required to do a lot of hard work keeping aside your differences, and love should be the central thought that should bind you together.

Don’t be stubborn

Being stubborn in a marriage never helps. Don’t assume that you’re always right. And better never demand that even if you aren’t right, you should have your way. Always remember that having your way always needs a price to be paid. Ask yourself, “am I ready to pay the cost?” The “my way or the highway” approach never builds a good relationship that sustains in the long run.

While in certain situations, you must affirm your position or stance, especially if you see your partner behaving illogically due to an understandable cause, you must be considerate about your significant other’s views in all other cases. Just sit out and discuss if you have a difference of opinion. Accommodate your partner’s views on the subject. Abusing or shaming your partner to get things done your way creates grudges and frustrations and, ultimately, bruises the relationship from within.