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5 things you should never talk about on your first date

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Your first date will either make or break the prospect of a new relationship. A lot of people falsely believe the first date is something to get out of the way. But be warned, the date is more than a step to other dates and then onto a relationship. 

What you say and what you do on a first date could decide whether or not you’ll be involved in a relationship – or a second date, for that matter.

We asked an executive dating expert what makes their clients want to go out with someone a second time. The response was that it’s often what a person says that made the difference. 

Keep reading to learn the five things you should never say on a first date

(if you hope to have a second date).

Never talk about your ex’s 

Discussing your ex is not date material. It is never appropriate to mention an ex under any circumstances. Avoid this at all costs if you want to get a second date.

Never reveal your problems on a first date

Your date does not want to hear about your divorce, your work, or your financial problems. Many people who have had these problems can be a common topic of discussion, But be warned: this virtually guarantees there will be no second date.

Do not talk about the future of your relationship

Talking about the future of a relationship on the date can be very intimidating. It makes the person you’re talking to feel that you’re too needy. Let the relationship develop first. Remember – there is no relationship yet, so don’t discuss your relationship’s future on the date.

Avoid talking about sex, politics, or religion

Steer clear of talking about sex, politics, or religion on your date. These topics can be highly charged, and you don’t want to find yourself in a heated discussion on the date.

Don’t dominate the conversation

Never dominate the conversation by talking incessantly about your interests. This includes incessantly talking about hobbies, work, or anything else. Talking at length about a single topic is a big no-no unless your date has the same passion as you do. If you do this, your date will not appreciate you talking about yourself. On a date, you should be getting to know each other, so be sure to ask questions and talk about various topics. 

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