Age Difference in a Relationship – Does it matter?
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Age Difference in a Relationship – Does it matter?

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

This statement said by Mark Twain certainly holds true in case of age gap relationships. Life expectancy has undoubtedly gone up and people now days take better care of themselves. So, do traditional notions of suitable age difference in a relationship matter anymore? Or are we making it difficult for ourselves by refusing to consider a potential companion who is outside our desired age limits?

Of course, the age gap will tend to play a crucial role if you’re a man and looking to have kids. Other than that, there is possibly no reason as to why you should prefer a certain person over another solely on grounds of age difference. Knowing that there are older men who are physically attractive, in great shape, successful and interesting, is there a rational reason to prefer younger men over them?

On the other hand, it is observed that men pursue younger women. Men often claim that they find find younger women attractive. However, it is worth stating that the sex appeal boundary gets pushed as women in their 50s and 60s are perceived as public sex figures. For instance, Jane Seymour is (61) and Jaclyn Smith (62) are undoubtedly considered sex figures according to most men.

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On the other hand, women in their 50s do not generally restrict their dating range and prefer dating younger men to older ones, because they do not wish to deal with health issues associated with the latter. Nevertheless, experts believe that age gap relationships are healthier and give people more opportunities to learn and understand human emotions. Furthermore, there is also an element of “sexual pleasure” associated with these relationships, which is always taken into account.

These are all pretty interesting questions that show the way people think about age gap dating now days. Looking to date a person who is significantly younger or older to you? There is no problem with pursuing such a relationship, provided you share a great chemistry with your partner.

Have you been in an age gap relationship? Or are you seeking a companion who is older or younger to you? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments section.