10+ Creative Ways to Use Wedding Hashtag Wall
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10+ Creative Ways to Use Wedding Hashtag Wall

The wedding day is the most awaited and the happiest day of a couple’s life when two souls take vows to live the rest of their lives together. The unification of two people is indeed a beautiful as well as an emotional sight. 

Even though weddings are exciting, they are equally hectic, especially for the bride and groom who stay busy making other arrangements. In such situations, the idea of engaging guests and making the wedding more fun and memorable does not strike the mind. 

In this blog, we will tell you about amazing ways to increase the excitement of your guests – using a Wedding hashtag wall

What Is a Wedding Hashtag Wall?

wedding hashtag wall is a great way to engage and involve your guests more in your happiness. Using a wedding hashtag wall, the users can click pictures and post them on their social media using your wedding hashtag, and a hashtag aggregator will collect the content and display it as a social wall! 

It is an amazing way to make memories as your wedding photographs would take some time to be delivered to you. You can, later on, see the pictures and enjoy a hearty laugh while creating sweet memories. 

Most Creative Ways To Use Wedding Hashtag Wall

Display Your Pre Wedding Pictures

Almost every couple gets a pre-wedding shoot done to capture their last days of singlehood or as fiances. 

Before the final vows, they plan a pre-wedding shoot from a professional photographer, and some pictures are clicked by the friends too! 

Using your wedding hashtag, your friends can put it up on their social media handles during your wedding. 

Give A Glimpse Into Your Bachelors/ Bachelorette Trip

The bride and groom conduct a bachelor’s/ bachelorette trip before the wedding. You, along with your friends, can capture your crazy and fun memories and put them up on social media, and give a glimpse to your guests and relatives on the wedding day by displaying it on a social wall using a hashtag aggregator. 

Conduct A Fun Game

This is different but fun and engaging. After the ceremony is done, you can request somebody to conduct a small game where the presenter can ask questions like – when did the couple first meet or be more dominating? And so on.

You can tell the guests to answer using the hashtag and put it up on their social media. The answers can be displayed on a social wall, and everyone would enjoy the answers.

Include Your Friends In Your Wedding Photo Session

Keep a few interesting props close to the photo stand or wherever your photo session would be conducted. Of course, you can include your friends in your session, too, and they can strike a pose using the props while being clicked. 

The other present guests can click random photos and put them up on social media to further display them on the wall. 

While Raising A Toast

Raising a toast is an important ritual after the ceremony is over. Apart from being important, it can be funny and emotional too. 

While the couple raises a toast for each other or the bride’s father raises a toast, your friends can record it and put it up on your social media using the wedding hashtag

The First Dance As Man & Wife

As the ceremony gets over, you make your way to the stage to perform your first dance as a married couple, and it is the happiest moment of your life. Not just for you, but your parents, relatives, friends, and other guests. 

Display this beautiful moment on a social wall using your famous wedding hashtag and show it real-time on the social wall. 

Capture The Aisle Moment 

The most awaited day of the wedding is to see the beautiful bride take a walk down the aisle as she walks towards her groom, and capturing that moment is nothing less than spectacular! 

Your guests can make a video or a photo capturing the raw, unfiltered version of this precious moment and post it using the wedding hashtag, which you and your guests would love to see later. 

While Cutting The Wedding Cake

After the vows are exchanged, everyone at the wedding looks forward to the wedding cake-cutting ceremony. 

Your guests can capture moments again in the form of images, videos and put them up on their accounts using your wedding hashtag

The First Look Of The Bridal Gown / Tuxedo

Let’s face it – all the people present at the wedding, be it your family members, friends, or your guests, look forward to seeing the bridal gown of the bride and the tuxedo of the groom. 

You can reveal the first look of your outfits 2-3 days before the wedding and put it up on your social media handles using your wedding hashtag for the guests to see and to increase their engagement and excitement.

Dance Preparations Before Wedding

While your friends and family are involved during the dance practices before the wedding, you can capture the funny and happy moments and later on display the memories on your social media using your wedding hashtag for your guests to see and enjoy. 

While Bidding Farewell

Even though bidding farewell is the most emotional moment of a wedding, it is equally precious, memorable, and beautiful too. 

Your friends can capture the random yet touching pictures while the bride bids farewell to her family and friends. 

The pictures can be displayed live on the social wall when your friends put them up using the hashtag.

Final Thoughts

A wedding hashtag can be used to create memories of a lifetime while everyone is excited to be a part of the wedding and your happiness. 

To increase the engagement and excitement of your guests, you can utilize a wedding hashtag wall to display all the sweet and emotional moments throughout your wedding to make it even more special. 

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