Divorce and the Meaning of Forgiveness
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Divorce and the Meaning of Forgiveness

Is a quarrel excellent or wrong when it occurs in one’s relationship? Completely harmless, some will probably say. Others feel it is cross-border. Maybe the mood around a quarrel depends on the tone of the relationship?

We have probably all found ourselves in a quarrel. The level of discussion, dialogue, conversation – communication has many facets. What some characterize as quarreling is just a dialogue in a harsh tone for others. Familiar to the conference – no matter what word we use – there is nothing abnormal or unhealthy about having quarrels in a relationship.

There are primarily five reasons why spouses/couples quarrel:

However, the above five points are most often just symptoms of something out of balance. Something essential in the relationship. And it can be challenging to figure out if it was the hen or the egg that came first.

Quarrels are designed to clean the air. Healthy, balanced people have a mental and emotional buffer in the form that we find ourselves in something before reaching a specific limit and reacting to what “fills” inappropriately. We say no. Only neurotic people do not have this buffer and react lightning fast to even the slightest imbalance. We react emotionally, our emotions are out of balance, and we say NO.

For example, a married couple with a mortgage and children and a job – all simultaneously and with no possibility of a compromise, might not have the emotional buffer not to leave the relationship.

People lose control of their spending habits

People spend way too much money without being aware of it. One gets used to spending without even noticing it. But when some unexpected problem occurs, the person is immediately in a crisis. It happens with some people all the time. And it is natural because it is a lot of money and this problem could cause significant damage to the other and one’s finances. Even the slightest problem is too much for some people, and when this happens, they leave.

Some people have too many responsibilities and those who haven’t feel guilty for being free. This is a reason many people abandon relationships and divorce. This guilt is the essential thing in a married couple. In some families, it is something like a sin to leave the job. Try not to end in divorce (undgå skilsmisse). That is best.

You might have children right from the beginning of a relationship, but if you don’t have patience and the ability to be good parents, then the relationship is over. And if you don’t have children and are miserable at home, the only solution is to leave home. This is a massive problem in many couples – often, it’s not a choice, and life is unbearable.

The Perils of the Dating Game

With a lot of problems in a relationship, the only solution is to leave a relationship. This can happen with anyone – friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, exes. This is a problem for each couple, and some break up for a long time. This is also the problem that affects us the most during a divorce.

When a person stays together with their “friend,” they risk everything, but this is a considerable risk to take with some. When the “friend” feels guilty and feels like defending themselves, they “help”, and that makes things even worse. A good relationship starts from the ground up.

With few friends, it’s challenging to keep the peace in a relationship. People try to be supportive, which allows something to be built up, but the relationship is doomed to divorce.

In a relationship with few friends, there is no one to protect you, and you are at the mercy of someone who will help you. It is hard to get rid of these people – it’s hard to forgive and forget.

With a lot of friends, this can be a much easier solution.

When you have a lot of friends, it’s straightforward to find the right person to help you in a difficult situation. It’s a lot more comfortable. There is someone who understands, and you can trust. It’s a lot easier to find someone you can talk to and discuss things with. When you have a lot of friends, there are a lot more people who can help you.

This is a much more complex solution with only a few friends because it’s much harder to forgive and forget.

I don’t have an exact number, but I’d say that it’s easier to give up your friend than to get rid of it.

But the point is: You can’t get rid of your friend, but you can learn to accept it in your heart and get rid of it in your life,

Accept it in your heart

In a relationship with a few friends, you are the one who is in the middle and the most vulnerable person. And it’s easy to hurt them. In a relationship with many friends, you are the one who is the one who is on top, and it’s the one who is attacked. Because you are the one who leaves the relationship,

Find someone to forgive you and let them give you the mercy and grace you need. After this, forgive yourself and forgive your friend, as well as yourself, because it’s not just the one you’ve lost, but you also are the one who has lost something, and you have to face it and learn that you are not as bad as you think.

The Importance of Friendship

It’s only when you find someone who can support you and help you, and not for revenge or something, you can truly move forward in your life. It’s just when you have a friend who’s with you, who can encourage you, you can live your life and stop your downward spiral.

You have to learn to love yourself. You have to learn to appreciate everything you have, including your many friends. You have to remember that you are worthy and deserving of love and respect. When you realize that your friends are there for you, your life doesn’t have to be lost in the middle, which can be divorce.

Only when you can do all of this and forgive yourself, and your former friend can you truly move forward in your life. Only then can you find the friends you deserve.

A long time ago, I learned this the hard way. When I realized that, I started to seek out my former friend and make things right.

Faith and Forgiveness

Even though she was out of town and didn’t get the chance to talk to me, she sent a card that I saved for many years. And I learned to forgive myself because that’s what it takes. It’s not something you’re born with, and it’s something you know. So forgive yourself because you’re the one who can make this happen.

And if your former friend wants to start a friendship with you again, and doesn’t have anything against the same person, then be open to it. It takes two people to make a friendship work. And if you genuinely don’t want to be friends with that person, you should be ready to accept that and make things right.

One of the things that I learned to forgive myself about was my former friend. And the truth of the matter is that I still forgive myself about it and never could completely forget. And the fact that I still have feelings for her is no excuse to remain friends with her, but still, I wish that I could.

And one thing I learned to forgive myself is that I still need to forgive my former friend because we both have our issues. And we both have our demons.

So that’s what forgiveness means. You can take a second to acknowledge how you can be a better person, someone who doesn’t want to stay away from someone you are friends with, but you need to do that for the future that you want.

So forgive yourself and the other person so that you can continue to live your life.

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