How To Ask a Woman Out This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day
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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you wouldn’t want to spend this special day alone, would you? If you hadn’t been lucky enough to find a perfect match all these years, it’s time to pull up your socks and get serious about dating. This article has been composed for all the men who haven’t tasked any success with dating yet.

Over the years, it has been observed that the young population has been messing it up when it comes to dating. Dating is often substituted with the word “outing” with the person you like. It is worth noting that Dating and Outing are two different things. A recent study says that nearly 70% of people are confused whether it was an outing or a date. While an outing has no major significance when you’re looking to get into a relationship, dating, on the other hand is a temporary commitment to the start of a long relationship.

Now, that you found out the best dating platform and have started interacting with women from across the globe, it’s time to push into the fifth gear and ensure your dates lead up to a long term commitment or even marriage.

Asking out a woman, regardless of whether or not she’s rich on a first date could be cake walk for some men but for others it is an uphill task. The most important thing here is to customize your approach on how well you know her. Asking out to your girl is more of an art. Nonetheless, an approach with intent to know her more because she seems interesting and nice and not because she looks hot and sexy could increase your odds of success.

Focus on the moment: Women are generally suspicious in nature. The women may judge if you are flashing forward while asking on for a date. Don’t get over excited and only focus on getting her to say ‘yes’ to go on a date with you. It is not necessary to compliment her all the time. A neutral question of asking her out while complimenting on how beautiful she looks will do the job. In case she is interested, she will reply with additional questions with a charming blush and that’s when you’d know that things are in your favor.

Schedule your date a few days away: The recent survey on dating and relationship says that, giving her a good amount of time between asking her out and scheduling a date would make her more likely to fall for you. The time period in between can be extended to a week or ten days but not more than that. This will also give you time to plan an Instagram-perfect date. You can plan something that interests you as well as your partner. It is advised you know her preferences before asking her out.

Ask her out for a ‘date’ and not a ‘hangout’: It has been observed that men are unclear about their intentions while asking a woman out. It is worth remembering that ‘date’ and ‘hangout’ are two very different things and you’re expected to make a choice. Experts believe that if you land up saying, “let’s hang out” it could land you into “friendship zone” without you even realizing it. If she knows you are taking her for a date, she would be more open to sharing her real self with you without being pretentious.

Make an instant connection: Surveys have suggested that most women like to hear your voice. Asking your girl out on a date via a text message not only sounds silly but is actually a huge turn off, according to dating expert Donald Taylor. All you need to do is connect with her at a personal level. Your objective is to develop personal chemistry. Make a phone call and ask her out. Allow the situation and feelings to develop and she will surely love it.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making connections on online dating sites, in case you haven’t made any and try connecting with them. You don’t want to be the only person sitting home while all your friends are out with their partners this Valentine’s day, do you?

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