Secrets, life hacks and tricks in Tinder
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Secrets, life hacks and tricks in Tinder

Many active users of dating sites are interested in Tinder secrets they don’t know about. If you want to stand out noticeably and find a real and cool person with whom you can go on a date, here are a few life hacks that will help you find your soul mate. For more, you can read tinder icebreakers.

18 life hacks

Tinder system algorithm

The Tinder system has its algorithm that automatically matches people by interests and other coincidences. It’s no secret that some users log on out of curiosity. They wonder who they have a match with and how the whole system works.

Tinder’s features lie in its algorithms. If you are an active user, then the system takes this into account. Activity means frequent visits to the resource, communication, replies to incoming messages. In this case, the likelihood that you will meet the same active and interesting person increases significantly.

Tinder life hacks like swiping everyone to the right for more matches are no longer active. Now the system also takes into account the exchange of messages with people with whom you match.

About likes

Did you know that you can get more than 100 likes from 1 account without buying paid features on Tinder? Active users can put 300 likes. Who are they? According to the algorithms of the application, these are those who have just activity in using the application and positive reviews about the entire account. To do this, you need to communicate culturally, fill out the whole questionnaire beautifully and correctly, do not throw people))) The algorithm analyses and displays this list per day or week of using the application. The fact that the blue star means we will explain in another article.

Gold and plus

The difference in the price of Tinder gold and Tinder plus based on age. The algorithm of the program believes that the older you are, the better off you are financial. And thus pay at 18 less than 35 for Tinder’s paid tariff.


A 50% discount on the Gold tariff is available in the first month of use. The program can also offer it to you after you have not used your account for a long time.

Who uses paid features?

How to find out if your interlocutor uses Tinder’s paid services? If there is no distance, then this is the first sign.

Second, go to the ribbon section; if a pair has just formed, you will see lightning, this means that he bought a Boost or Tinder Gold.

LGBT community

What are the differences between a standard application interface and an application for LGBT communities here in this post?

How to check if the recipient has read the message in Tinder?

This feature is available on IPhone devices. On Android, no. When you click on the checkmark in a message, you will be prompted with a message report feature. But it is paid.

Fewer people

Why, after buying Tinder Gold, there are fewer people in the like section? It’s simple – you were a beginner, you were shown all registered people, and now you are an experienced user, and some of these people no longer use the application; the counter resets them.


How to become invisible in Tinder for colleagues, friends, exes, and others not desired? This is an option in Tinder Plus. You need to enable the option so that you are shown only to those whom you like yourself.

Persecutors and obsessive fans

To save yourself from annoying personalities, you need to include a Tinder plus not show my distance.

Time to post

The right time to write your message is very important if you want to stand out from the crowd. Let us tell you a simple secret: it is more convenient for most people to communicate in the evening, in their free time from work and study. Many people turn off notifications altogether during the day so that they do not distract from business.

Therefore, one of the secrets of Tinder is that if you write a message at a time when approximately the potential half goes online, then it will be at the top in his correspondence. This increases the likelihood that the user will answer you first and not miss the email.

Suggest writing first

Many people are embarrassed to write first, especially if they are not sure that the person of their choice might like it. But there is a way to simplify the task: write an invitation in your profile settings. For example, ask about a movie you watched recently or about a country that a person would like to visit.

If the user does not know where to start the dialogue, then give him a hint. Secrets in Tinder involve simple manipulations that encourage other people to take the initiative.

The profile photo is Tinder’s top-secret

On the advice of experts, in Tinder, profile photos should be open. If your avatar doesn’t show your face because of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, then rest assured that you won’t get much response from people on the net.

There are several informal rules and secrets for decorating your photos in Tinder:

the number of matches will decrease if the face is hidden in the picture;

if the profile contains full-length images, then the number of messages will increase significantly;

there should be no other people in the image: only you.

Such simple life hacks and tricks in Tinder will help you find a person who will seem very interesting and cool. With an active user, the chance to meet in real life increases significantly. The number of matches does not decrease, be active on the dating site, choose a convenient time for correspondence, and pay attention to your profile photos. These simple things are the secrets of the system.

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