4 Signs Of A Happy & Healthy Relationship


For better or for worse the realities of a world where the person in your home could literally be your only face-to-face contact for weeks or even months on end are upon us. For both introverts and extrovert this unprecedented series of events has left us questioning everything.

If you’re not equipped to take a step back and look at your relationship untainted by the ‘great toilet set debate of Monday’ and Thursday’s ‘no, you were meant to do the dishes meltdown’ it can be tricky to figure out if you and your partner are thriving or merely surviving. Don’t forget to use online dating sites.

Hallmarks of a Happy Life

To help you breathe a little easier here are 4 signs that your relationship is a happy and healthy one despite how you may feel in the moment:

You’re Kind To Each Other

Any relationship where you can remove yourself from the moment and remember that despite the current agitation you love and respect the person annoying you is in a good place. Compassion is a very intimate thing; it allows you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see life through their eyes and make decisions from that perspective. When you choose to pursue this as a way of honoring one another it shows a depth and intimacy that is hard to find.

You Have Open and Honest Conversations

When you don’t expect perfection just a willingness to try it shows that your relationship has a very honest and real foundation. This is fertile soil for discussing challenges like careless words, hurtful actions and other little slips that could otherwise build into resentment over time. By being honest about your partner’s issues and your own you can address these bugbears head-on before they mutate into anger. On dating sites you can get to know a person better.

You’re willing to Compromise

showing a real willingness to find a path that suits you both is a sign of strength, not weakness. It is easy to fight for your rights but finding common ground and defusing a potentially explosive situation takes openness and desire to serve that is vital to a strong relationship. It also proves an ability to separate needs from wants and the strength of character to put aside winning in the pursuit of a better outcome.

You Have Role Clarity

This is not about gender roles but rather what you each bring to and need from the relationship. This covers everything from who feeds the pets to who needs time alone at the gym to clear their head. Who needs to talk through their day and who needs to create time limits so that certain topics do not dominate every conversation? When your needs and roles in the relationship are clear it leaves little room for frustration and creates the space needed for a happier co-existence.

Hitting the Mark

One of the most honest relationship moments you’ll ever experience is when an elderly couple is asked how they made it through 50 or even 60 years of marriage and they reply with truths like “hard work” and “perseverance”. Only a dating site will help you worry less.

My dad would always say “Love is a verb. It’s what you do, not what you say.” If you feel like your love life is falling a little short of your ideal, then choose to work at it. Speak to your partner, share your feelings, set new boundaries and commit to raising each other up. A relationship that can come through this crisis stronger and more vital, even if it has some new scars, is one that can endure anything.

If on the other hand, your relationship is the pinnacle of intimacy and respect enjoy it, celebrate it and perhaps reach to those around you who are not as rock solid and offer a shoulder, even if it is over Zoom or FaceTime.

Don’t Be Shy

Dating sites are an easy way for the shy ones. We would love to hear from you on this. What are you doing to safeguard your sanity and your relationship? Share your advice, thoughts and stories with us in the comments – who knows, your insight could be just the nudge that someone needs to flourish.

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