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Sometimes, Love Just Isn’t Enough


Taking care of yourself in a relationship is as important as tending to the relationship itself. It is a requirement that you take care of yourself first. Surely you are familiar with the old adage that says you can never give away things you do not have. You will never have a happy and lasting relationship until you feel secure and peaceful.

If you choose to skip foundation steps and immediately jump into troubling murky waters, chances are you will be going straight down a sinkhole. For this reason alone, it is important to do everything you can to stabilize yourself before getting in over your head.

Could This Be Your Soul Mate?

Is he thoughtful, caring, and nurturing? Is he self-reliant or needy and beginning to ask too often for help?
Is he always asking for money? Maybe he’s short on rent, car payments, or, worst yet… child support! If you can’t open your checkbook, do you risk never seeing this person again?

Do you sometimes get the feeling you are being used? No one wants to be played. Sometimes, we can see patterns develop that are warning signs. Wasting yourself on an individual only playing games is a major mistake. You could spend time with someone new instead of getting mired in a relationship that won’t work.

Commit to Staying Okay No Matter What

Promise to take care of yourself. Remain okay with whatever happens. Your true love is out there waiting to find you. Once your happiness completely depends on your partner being constantly by your side, you will begin feeling powerless and fearful. When this happens, your partner will not want to stick around.

The partner who tries to be everything to another soon feels anger and resentment. When did the relationship stop being fun and playful? Why did you miss the early signs before you gave your heart and soul to someone unworthy?

Sadder But Wiser You

Once you respect yourself and establish boundaries, your capacity for escaping emotional pain in a relationship will come from a place full of strength and empowerment. It will come from within. True love may be just around the corner.

Will you know what your love looks like?

See a sketch of your soul mate?

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