Surprise Your Boyfriend / Husband this International Men’s Day
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Surprise Your Boyfriend / Husband this International Men’s Day

Surprise your boyfriend this International Men's day
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Are you looking for an innovative way to surprise your boyfriend / husband this International Men’s Day (November 19, 2019)? Wondering what men are interested in and how they can be surprised? We all know that women love to be surprised by their husbands or boyfriends. So ladies, now its your chance to show how special they are to you. With barely any time remaining, we have shortlisted a few quick ways you should consider. In case you haven’t planned already, here are a few interesting ways to surprise your partner this International Men’s Day.

  • Tickets to a concert or his favorite game: Having spent a considerable time with them, you would know their preferences well by now. This International Men’s Day, get them tickets to their favorite game or a concert if they happen to be a fan of any band or artist. Hiding the tickets in an envelope and placing it on the refrigerator, in a pocket of his favorite jacket he usually wears. You cannot imagine his excitement on finding these tickets in the pocket.

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  • A romantic night together: This is a great way to show how much you mean to him. Besides, you could also thank him for being an integral part of your life this way. All you need to do is order food from his favorite restaurant or cook something he loves, get some chilled beer and a list of movies to be watched on Netflix. This is a simple yet cost – effective way to bring a smile on your partner’s face. That’s not all; you could as well add a touch of intimacy, provided your boyfriend / husband is in a mood for it.
  • A random gift: Who doesn’t like gifts? Remember, the fossil watch he wanted to purchase the other day but didn’t sufficient money? Well, its time for you to fulfill his need. A surprise like this would certainly be appreciated and you’d succeed in making his day memorable. Gifts aren’t just reserved for birthdays and anniversaries. A day dedicated to men is another occasion when you can make him feel special.

Do you have any other way of surprising your partner? Share it with us in the comments section below.