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Here’s How You Can Find Your Mate This Football Season?


Have you been observing a behavioral change in most men around you? Don’t you think they have been quick at finishing off things so they’re free during the evening? Well, if you think men around you have become more organized, you might be mistaken. This is the season of UEFA Euro 2016, a football championship that is organized once in four years and is regarded as the second most popular football event in the world, only second to the FIFA World Cup.

So, does it mean this isn’t the right time to lookout for a perfect match on Social Networking or dating sites? If you’re think this way, you’re losing out on an amazing opportunity to connect with like – minded people. If you think you have what it takes to lure eligible bachelors, this should be the right time to find the perfect mate. Nonetheless, experts believe finding a partner in the football season is easier due to the following reasons:

The dating site wouldn’t be very crowded:

Given the fact that a majority of men are busy watching the game, you’d find less people active on the website. There are very few instances where you’d find more women than men on a dating site. So, what does this mean to you? It increases your chances of finding a match, without having to manually filter through profiles.

A boon for those looking to date older men:

Older men are less likely to show interest in sporting events compared with younger men. If you’re looking to get into a casual relationship with an older man, this is the time to find one. Websites like , which promote casual dating have proven to be the right platform for those looking to try someone different.

Less competition:

If you’re a man and would like to try a casual relationship, this is the time to try your luck on a website that promotes casual dating. Given that most men are busy watching the games, you have less competition to deal with. Women who have been actively looking for the right match would be compelled to date you in the absence of a lot of options.

The Euro 2016 is certainly one of the biggest sporting events of the year and if you aren’t interested in sports, it is advised to make your presence felt on these websites. Start off by joining a reliable website like, create an awesome profile, upload a few pictures and you’re good to go. It is to be borne in mind that marriage isn’t on the minds of users that join such websites, so tweak your profile accordingly.

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