How to make your wedding original?


Do you dream of a holiday “not like everyone else’s”? So you need fresh ideas for your wedding! And here’s luck –

there are just as many as 11 of these: rare, unexpected, and feasible. 

1. Riddle invitations. 

Create a wedding invitation that looks like a meaningless set of letters. However, everything is not so simple: there is a surprise message hidden among them! 

2. Boutonniere Bar. 

Make your guests happy: have a stand at the entrance with beautiful flower boutonnieres that need to be pinned to their clothes. Boutonnieres will not only serve as a nice souvenir from your wedding but will also add solemnity to the atmosphere of the holiday, becoming a unifying detail for guests. 

3. “Plaid handkerchiefs”.

 The wedding ceremony is a very touching event, especially for ladies (although gentlemen sometimes cannot hold back a mean tear))). Take care of your guests – prepare handkerchiefs “for tears of happiness.” You can put the handkerchiefs in a prominent place (with an explanatory inscription), or you can attach them directly to the invitation or wedding program.

4. Great film about you. 

Make a video like a film in a different style. You can choose the idea of Great Gatsby or another film. You become a famous actor for one special day. If you are a blogger, you can make your video popular and promote that. Everyone will know about your wedding. In this case, you need to choose a good service like and enjoy the process. 

5. A faithful friend is a participant in the celebration.

 Many couples have dogs – let your pet also participate in such an important event as a wedding! Entrust your pet to take out the sign “Bride is coming” before the main heroine of the celebration comes out to the groom at the ceremony. This is a great idea for a wedding that looks very touching and unusual! 

6. Cocktail ceremony.

 Do you not know how to replace the well-known and already a little boring sand ceremony? Mix in one glass not the sand of different colors but a cocktail according to a proprietary recipe! 

7. A mild congratulation. 

After registering the newlyweds, it is customary to shower with something. Let them be small fluffy balls: they are pleasant to the touch, lightweight (unlike coins, which can hurt), and will not hit you by the collar, like Fig. 

8. Photo seating. 

Instead of a seating plan, layout cards with photographs of guests, and on the back, write the number of the table at which each of them sits. 

Tattoo bar. If you are having a youth wedding, arrange a temporary tattoo area for guests. Plots of tattoos should relate to the wedding theme: phrases like “the best day”, the date of your celebration, your portraits. 

9. A fairy tale about you. 

If you want to entertain the little guests of the celebration, make a “”colouring for them – a fairy tale with your love story and you as the main characters. 

10. Unique souvenirs. 

Invite guests to create their scented bath blend. Prepare sets of medicinal and aromatic herbs, sea salt, aromatic essential oils. Do not forget about spoons and pouches or bottles for laying out the mixture (you can stick labels on the container with your names and wedding date). Attach instructions for creating and using the mixture, a description of the ingredients. Such a handmade souvenir will become a unique and useful gift! 

11. A plate for wishes. 

The move is both original and practical – instead of a book of wishes, invite your guests to sign a large decorative plate with your portraits and the wedding date. After the celebration, you can hang it on the wall, making it an organic part of the interior.

 Themed weddings are trending! 

To choose a theme, you need to seriously think about what hobbies you share with your loved one? 

Of course, these hobbies should be at least partially shared or understood by the guests you invite to the celebration. 

 favorite movie or cartoon (wedding in the style of Cinderella or naval wedding on a ship in the style of the Little Mermaid); 

 favorite book (wedding in the style of the Chronicle of Narnia); 

 favorite band or style of music (Beatles wedding); 

 favorite sport (snowboarder wedding).

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