The Top Sugar Daddy Apps to Download Immediately

Sugar Daddy

Have you heard of sugar dating? You might consider trying it if you’re a wealthy man or a beautiful young woman. It means a wealthy guy might be interested in dating you and willing to pay you for your time and attention. 

Sugar dating is not about sex. It’s just about guys flirting with girls and getting something out of date – gifts and money! And sure, it does help if the rich guy is interesting to talk to!

In this review,

We’re listing the top sugar dating websites online.

Let’s see what you think is worth a try. 

1. SDM 

SDM is a sugar daddy meet dating app that matches wealthy elites and beautiful singles like them. While some apps are about money and sugar-baby flirting, SDM takes things more seriously. 

Sugar Daddy

They do not allow sugar baby-type postings. Instead, they try to find real matches for prosperous men and the women they want, whether for a long-term affair, a one-night stand, or even marriage and family. 

Users can expect voice messaging, video clips, new matches, a social media type interface, private photo album sharing, verification, and enhanced search. 

Of course, the app makers also know physical attraction is essential. So men and women can search for their ideal partners, whether cougars or cubs, mature, sophisticated madams or young college coeds. This is more of a luxury dating app than a sugar-matching app, and its versatility in customizing a relationship is why we ranked it #1. is a dating site that matches rich men up with gorgeous singles. It is one of the top sites for successful men who want young and beautiful women. The site also pushes romance and marriage over casual flings since that’s not what most millionaire men want from a dating app. 

2. Seeking

Seeking, also called Seeking Arrangement, is similar to MillionaireMatch but more open-ended. Everything is under the sun, from rich men seeking college girls to successful mature women seeking young hot guys and purely sexual relationships. However, escort and prostitution ads are not allowed. 

Sugar Daddy

3. What’s Your Price

What’s Your Price is a gimmick site that lets people bid on a date, much like those auctions for a charity you sometimes see depicted on TV. Here, men can bid on a woman’s date; if she accepts, she gets the money he volunteers. Men don’t have to be rich to use the service, but it helps!

Sugar Daddy

4. Miss Travel

Miss Travel is similar to other sugar daddy dating websites but is more like a travel site, where men can create their travel arrangement and offer it to a woman as an incentive to go out with them. It’s unusual, but some people like the idea. 

Sugar Daddy

In conclusion, sugar dating is not for all tastes. Some people who don’t like it see it as greedy or lecherous. In reality, however, you must realize that many millionaire men want a serious relationship. The problem is that they are afraid to trust women they meet at bars, shows, or parties. 

They want something natural and a meaningful relationship. That’s why these sites and apps offer a solution. 

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